Underground surprise in Turda

Aleea Durgăului 7
Turda 401106

46.588000, 23.787240

Maybe you wouldn’t tell that, but Romanian city Turda is a spot, where the most beautiful underground place is located. Welcome to Salina Turda, huge underground premises, as said, the most beautiful underground place by Business Insider.

Salina Turda, RomaniaPhoto by someone10x

Salt mine has its own free parking where fast food and souvenirs stalls are located as well. Therefore if you are by car here, don’t worry about parking.

After stepping in and overcoming some stairs you find yourself in real underground paradise. It’s not like any of those regular caves with narrow spaces around you. Everything in Salina Turda is big, spacious and far.


It’s the magic world of lights, shapes and sounds. You hear echoes of peoples you don’t even see.


You will learn something about the history of salt mining.


As well as you can have a fun on the bottom of mine where you’ll find different attractions as amphitheater, pool tables, table tennis or a boating lake. Enjoy your stay with kids as well. Ferris wheel, kids bowling alley and many others will keep them excited for whole visit.

salina_turda_6Photo by Cristian Bortles

The mine produced table salt for hundreds of years until 1932. Then was closed for short period to The World War II. During the war it had been used as a shelter. After war up to the year of 1992, when mine was opened to the public and got a status of tourist attraction it had been used as a warehouse for cheese storage.

The mine has constant temperature of 10 – 12°C, so in the summertime put your clothes on and drop them during a winter visit.

With a price of 20/10 lei (adult/children), which is about 4.5/2.20 Euros and lots of attractions for children and adults, Salina Turda is a great place for every type of tourist from couples to whole families.

Visit official website for more detailed infos.